Stacy Huggins

Co-Founder & CMO @ MadHive

Co-Founder and CMO of MadHive, Stacy Huggins, is an entrepreneur and seasoned marketing executive who is considered a thought leader in blockchain technology and its applications to media and ad tech.

MadHive is a Supply Path Optimization Platform backed by blockchain which allows for transparency in both fees and auction dynamics, bringing the economic value of a media buy to the buyers and sellers directly.

Having held leadership roles on the agency, ad tech and client sides of the business, Stacy has a deep understanding of the challenges within the ad tech supply chain. Stacy has built partnerships with top-tier web publishers and ad networks and worked directly with such companies as American Express, Sony Music, The Weinstein Company, IAC, sbe Hotels & Casinos and Tamara Mellon to develop and execute innovative marketing strategies and data-driven campaigns.